Sunday, January 2, 2022

Saddam Hussein's hand – does it show that he was evil?

One assumes that the hands of men known for their evil deeds will show a hand with an evil personality. People do evil deeds but there is no hand which is evil per se. If one comes across a person who does bad things, the hands usually show a selfish, out-of-control personality, someone with a brute will and strong impulses. People are not usually heartless. They are just out of control.

There are several hand readings of dictators on this website, and each of these characters tend to be different from each other although almost all of them have a base, primal side to their nature. What this means is that the instincts prevail and dominate and these people give in to these primal instincts. You will find such people in everyday life as well and they usually land up in prison if the country they live in is not lawless. If people of this type come to power, as they do in weak countries, they will destroy the very fabric of society, cloaking their criminal behaviour in either religious or political ideology.

Saddam’s Hussein’s hand shows the base of the hand developed, with heavy Moon and Venus mounts. The Lower Mars mount is developed as well, and the Apollo (ring) finger is long, too long. The thumb is of average length and possibly a little low-set with an average first phalange which bends backwards. The second phalange of the thumb is a little thick and quite long. The fingers are fairly straight with tapering, rounded ends. The Jupiter finger is quite low-set. There aren’t too many clear pictures of Saddam’s hand available on the net, however.

You can check out his hand photos here and here.

In Saddam’s Hussein’s case, there doesn’t appear to be a religious bent of mind. His hand in fact shows is a man who hungers for