Monday, September 21, 2015

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati - his hand reading

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati is a popular Telugu actor, smart, good
looking and successful. He is apparently still single although he is well into his thirties. His fans are curious to know why. His hand reading can shed a light on this.

Prabhas’s hands are slightly large, with long fingers and a long palm. His fingers are quite flexible, and the thumb is slender, supple, and a good length, with balanced phalange length. The index (Jupiter) finger is a little bent, and the little (Mercury) finger is a little short. The nails are a little small too. While most of the fingertips are rounded, the ring (Apollo) fingertip is spatulate. The lines on his hand are well-etched, the Headline forming a nice curve, and the heartline on the straighter side, and not long enough to reach the Jupiter mount.

From the shape of his hand/fingers, it’s clear that Prabhas has some serious trust issues, probably because