Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jun Ji-hyun's personality from her hands

Jun Ji-hyun, an award-winning Korean actress and model, rose to fame in the 2001 romantic comedy (film) called "The Sassy Girl." Since then, she has delivered many hits in the Korean film and television industry. 

From her hand, it becomes obvious that Ji-hyun's personality shows a natural style of acting. Her boldness, lack of inhibitions while acting and the ability to slip into any character she plays are evident on her hand. Her ability to mimic is extraordinary.

Jun Ji-hyun has a long hand with long fingers, and her Mercury finger, in particular, is very long. The lines on her palm are fine and delicately etched and there is at least a part of a Girdle of Venus present above the heartline. Her heartline is very long, reaching almost to the base of