Monday, September 13, 2021

Jeon Jung-kook - a sweet and vulnerable persona

No doubt that Jeon Jung-kook has nice hands, with his slim fingers, a wide broad palm and a low-set thumb. He is the youngest member of the famous South Korean boy band – BTS – and from what one reads on the internet, he is probably the most popular of them all. What is it about his personality that makes him so popular? Hand reading can throw up some insights.

Jungkook's hand shows a pronounced Moon mount and well, the Venus mount is developed too. His heartline is low-set and dips down to touch the headline and the Mercury (pinkie/little) finger is held apart in many of the photos. Jungkook has a good Apollo (ring) finger, and it is probably the strongest finger on his hand. The first phalanges of the hand are long, significantly long, and the second phalanges are a good length too. The third phalanges are the shortest and slimmest.

The three main lines of any hand: the headline, the heartline and the lifeline are prominent. Unfortunately, I could not see either the Saturn (Fate) line or the Apollo (Sunline) on the hand