Friday, October 23, 2020

Joe Biden the democrat and statesman

Joe Biden has the hands of a statesman. He has a largish hand, pronounced first and second knots on his fingers and long, fine lines along-with a low-set thumb held a little apart. His fingers, though short rather than long, are not too short. His fingers are straight, except for the Jupiter (index) finger and the thumb is a balanced one with a slightly waisted second phalange. The mounts of Venus and Moon are most developed but the mounts of Jupiter and Lower Mars good too. 

The size of the hand matters. It is the size and shape of the hand within which the actual lines are to be interpreted. When the hand is large (relative to the body) it shows a thinking person. The developed knots add to the thoughtfulness. One cannot help but compare Joe Biden’s hand to Donald Trump’s hand which is supposedly small. People with small hands tend to be more emotional and tend not to analyse or think too much. People with small hands do not make great leaders. 

A large hand by itself does not automatically mean that the person is