Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Your hand shows you up to be whom you really think you are

Your hand reveals your true self –  not who you actually are but whom you think you are. In plain speak, it outlines your opinion of yourself – what you think of yourself deep down, at the bottom of your heart, maybe even in your subconscious. The hand does not provide an objective evaluation of an individual and nor is hand analysis about what you and I think of a particular person. Such evaluations emerge from outside of the person whose hand is being studied, and therefore, will not be shown on the hand.

Our hand shape and lines are formed by connections to the brain, our own brain. Like I have explained in this post:
Image by VSRao 
... Hundreds of nerves connect our brain to our body parts, including the hands. Why our conscious and unconscious thoughts are transmitted via the brain on to the palm is like asking why is it that we have ten fingers and ten toes. This is how our body is designed. Each body part has a function, sometimes multiple functions. The hand shape and palmar surface give us clues about ourselves and we can decipher them if we try."

That's why an outside/objective view of a person is likely to be different from what the person's hand shows.

This can be understood better if one takes racism as an example.