Saturday, October 13, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr.

There are few hands which are as simple to read as the hands of Martin Luther King Jr. Simple because there are fewer lines on his hand and the other hand features are easy to recognise for what they are. There is a lot of information about him on the net, but here you can get details Martin Luther King Jr. which are revealed by studying his hand.

Unlike some other hands where one has to examine a hand from several angles to decide whether the thumb is low-set or high-set or just normally set. No such problem arises when one is reading MLK’s hands. The thumb is long and clearly low-set, with a good balance of the phalanges. And the lines on this hand are clear and dark, with the minor lines missing. His fingers are all straight, with long first and second phalanges and the Jupiter finger is short. The heartline is long and curved, the headline more or less straight and the mounts of Jupiter, Venus and lower Mars are well developed.

Interestingly, the fateline is not visible after the age of 40 years. MLK was assassinated at the age of 39. This does not mean that