Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The hand reading of Miley Cyrus

Fragile is what leaps into one’s mind after looking at Miley Cyrus’ hands. No, this doesn't mean that she has a particularly weak personality; just sensitive. Although she is sensitive herself, she has a tendency to be direct, not diplomatic. Not that she is boorish, not at all. It’s just that she likes to get to the point, preferring realism over rhetoric. However, her expressive abilities are good and she can

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bruce Lee's hands do not show a violent nature

If there ever was a legend, it was Bruce Lee. And if there’s a hand I’ve been curious about, it’s his. While examining his hands I looked for signs of violence, and perhaps I might have found what I was looking for if I had a clear picture of his lines. But after sifting through scores of pictures of his hands I could just about see the shape of his hand and fingers, and one picture showed me a glimpse of the lines.

What struck me immediately after going through Lee’s hand pictures was that he had