Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Donald Trump a bigot?

Some people may love Donald Trump, the potential Republican nominee for the US President, but others call him a bigot and a racist.

This post is not about Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination, leave alone his chances of becoming the next President of the United States. This is about what his hands tell us. Is he really the racist bigot that he is accused of being?

Trump’s hand broad, thick palm, short fingers (some bent), long lines, and the supple, waisted thumb all tell a story, and a very revealing one! The mounts of Mars, Venus, Moon and Jupiter are heavily developed. The Lifeline sweeps across the palm, the Headline is gently sloping, and the Heartline goes up in a curve, reaching the area in-between the first two fingers.

Trump’s lines are quite good, fairly clear, and show capability, intelligence, and a good heart. It is not surprising that he makes a lot of money because not only is he smart and shrewd, he is aggressive, ambitious, and quite a go-getter.

The heavily developed mounts and the developed third phalanges tell us that he is a very passionate, energetic and emotional man, and quite excitable too. At the same time he is warm and giving and yes, compassionate as well.

Donald Trump’s hands do not show him to be a narrow-minded bigot. On the contrary, his hands show that he has the ability to