Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amy Winehouse - did she have suicidal tendencies?

A lot has been written about celebs and suicidal behavior. Experts have suggested that the very quality that makes a person strive for fame (self-obsession) could be a factor in their suicidal tendencies, perhaps if life does not go according to plan. It is suspected that Robin Williams was adversely affected by the diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

This self-obsession is bound to exist amongst ordinary people because after all everyone is ordinary until they achieve fame! And more people fail to achieve world-wide fame rather than succeed at it. If “...suicide and fame might be connected through psychological characteristics present in the personality...” then there would be more people who do not achieve the fame even after striving desperately for it, and so this self-obsession should exist in their personalities as well, in the personalities of non-celebs. If anything, rich celebrities