Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hand Analysis of Sonia Gandhi

This analysis is of Sonia Gandhi, the Italian born woman who is the President of the Congress party, a party which is currently in power.

Common sense
If one goes by the overall shape of her hand, and whatever little is visible of her headline, then it shows that Sonia Gandhi is not an unintelligent woman as many accuse her of being. She may not be a scholar but she has an average intelligence and plenty of common sense.

She has well-balanced views about life and is overall a pragmatic person.

Her Sun finger shows that she has taken risks in her life and it has stood her in good stead so far. But these risks were taken not because she is bold and

Friday, August 21, 2009


There are three ways to get your hands read:

1) Finger and hand shape analysis: This can reveal some major personality characteristics.

2) Detailed hand analysis: Sharp images of the palm and hand is required. You will need a powerful camera with a close-up setting or scanned images or actual prints.

3) Fingerprint Analysis: Either photos, scanned fingerprints or actual prints via a stamp pad are required.

I have explained in detail how to send me your hand photographs here:

How to send me your hand photographs - Part II

Please do not ask me to read hands for free as I spend hours studying a hand, and cannot do it for free. Also, I get several requests for free analysis every week, another reason why I cannot do it for free.